solo exhibitions::

Blue, Institute of Microbiology, Třeboň 2013
Nothing but Painting, Berlin model, Praha 2013
God is More Powerful than Devil, Praha 2012
Graffity, Karlín Studios, Prague 2010
Deconstruction of Guernica, Brno 2009
Back to nature, ETC Prague 2009
Ilegal particip no. 2, IZRAHELL 2009
Go Into Yourself, Divus Unit 30 London 2008
Ilegal particip no. 1, Designblok Prague 2008
Nobody, Karlín Studios, Prague2008
Paradise-Trees Fruits We Eat, NoD Roxy 2007
Plexi, České Budějovice 2007
Art Worker, Karlín Studios, Prague 2006
AM 180, Prague 2005
Good Idea, NOD Gallery, Prague 2004
Nothing Exist, Display Gallery, Prague 2003
Remixes, MXM Gallery, Prague 2000
Die Kunst ist unser Leben, NG Prague 1999
Visions and Illusions, Špála Gall., Prague 1998
Goldfinger, AVU Gallery, Prague 1997
Thus Spoke Buddha, Velryba Gall., Prague 1995
Enda a Špína, Obecní dům Gallery, Prague 1992


group exhibitions::

A Possibility, NTK, Praha 2014
Private Nationalism, Divus, Praha 2014
Homo Mathematicus, NTK, Praha 2012
Prague Bienale V, Microna 2011
Whose City is This?, Karlín studios, Praha 2011
Prague Biennale IV, Prague 2009
Text.cz, Šternberg Gallery 2008
Gross Domestic Prod., Library ofPrague 2007
Safe, Karlín Studios, Prague 2007
Shadows of humor, Wroclaw 2006
Neutral, Motorenhalle, Dresden 2004
Eastern Alliance, Berlin 2004
Close Encounters, NoD Gallery, Prague 2003
Ostensive II. Czech centre, Berlin 2002
Criss-cross, Broumov 2001
ÜberlebensKunst, KV Berlin 2000
Confrontation, Czech centre, London 2000
Maxi-store, Mánes Gallery, Prague 1998
Reduced Budget, Mánes Gallery, Prague 1998
Diplomanti, Strahov monastery, Prague 1997
4 Artists, MXM Gallery, Prague 1996
Villa, Richter´s villa, Prague 1995
Hybernatus, AVU Gallery, Prague 1995
AVU, U Hybernů Gallery, Prague 1990

I have a vision of unsustainable growth of this civilization. One day it will rupture like an ulcer and it will be flushed away by the wave of total anarchy. Back to primeval times.
Fully present, functioning absolutely with all my senses and instincts active, I am in the mountains, tramping.
When Buddha was asked to sum his teaching up to one sentence, he said: “Nothing, whatever it is, should be understood as I or mine.” This gives me hope. Jesus will fulfill our financial demands.

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Špála Gallery, Prague 1998

Exhibition in the Špála Gallery. Painting on which I projected slides.

> Paintings from this exhibition